SMALL >=480
MEDIUM >=880
BIG >=1020
LARGE >=1200

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Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT)

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Heat – Insulating Property, Vacuum insulated tubing (VIT) is tubing with excellent heat insulation performance. VIT features an enclosed-welded double-wall structure, compromising a pre-stressed inner tube fitting into an outer tube. A multi-layer insulation liner structure with getter in the thermocase that can reduce heat transfer and energy loss by convection and radiation and can also avert hydrogen explosion and radiation.

VIT tubes are coupled using API buttress thread, which is sealed by PTFE sealing ring. The sealing ring and insulation liner in the annulus space between the inner and outer tubes provide positive confinement among pipe strings and connection reliability, ensuring the laminar flow state of steam transported in the inner tube, and reducing the resistance to steam transportation as well as the heat loss occurred at the coupling. VIT is suitable for using in operating conditions with the heat carrier temperature below 350, such as steam thermal recovery wells with “huff and puff” and “steam drive”, as well as heavy oil wells with “integration of production and injection”. Properly used VIT, can reduce the steam heat loss, maintain steam quality, decrease casing deformation, and protect cemented casing. VIT is manufactured in accordance with the SY/T5324-94 Vacuum Insulated Tubing standard.

A variety of VIT tubes with different thermo-insulation performance grades are available to meet your needs of thermal recovery for heavy oil and super heavy oil wells with different depths as well as horizontal wells. Using VIT can save fuel consumption and substantially shorten the steaming cycle.

(OD of Outer Pipe * ID of Inner Pipe)
Basic ParametersKey Technical ParametersWorking Parameter
GradeOuter Pipe OD * Wall Thickness
(Inner Pipe OD * Wall Thickness)
OD of CouplingThermal Conductivity
(Inner wall of inner pipe)
DepthTemperature (℃)Cementing casing
mm*mmmmW/m. ℃mNormalOver-heat
(3-4 hours)
N80Q, L80, J5588.9*6.45
N80Q, L80, J55114.3*6.88
N80Q, L80, J55114.3*6.88
N80Q, L80, J55127.0*9.19
N80Q, L80, J55139.7*7.72
N80Q, L80, J55177.8*9.19
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