CSTL has exclusive rights to the most reputable and largest manufacturers in the world. Our strong relationship with the manufacturers have allowed us to offer competitive prices for our customers on high quality and seamless OCTG casing and tubing.
Our manufacturers adhere to API 5CT 9th edition, ISO 9001, ERCB’s Directive 010, IRP, and provide full manufacturer's warranty on all products. 


CSTL supplies new mill run tubular products, which provides customers with the ability to order casing and tubing in any combination of API size, weight, grade and connection


All API casing is Seamless (SMLS)

  • Sizes: Available from 114.3 mm (4 ½”) to 508.00 mm (20”)
  • Grades:  Any API grade
  • Wall Thickness:  Any wall thickness (API Standard)
  • Quality Standards: Meets API 5CT, ISO 11960, ERCB D010 requirements.
  • More Options Available:
    • Casing in proprietary grades developed by our manufacturers for special performance requirements, such as high collapse, high burst, and increased strength.
    • Add-Ons for greater performance in extreme temperature and corrosive environments.  


All API tubing provided is Seamless (SMLS)

  • Sizes:  Available from 42.16 mm (1.66”) to 114.33 mm (4 ½”) 
  • Steel Grades:  Any API grade
  • Wall thickness:  Any wall thickness (API Standard)
  • Quality Standards: Manufactured to API 5CT, ISO 11960 requirements
  • More Options Available:
    • VIT (Vacuumed Insulated)
    • SS (Stainless Steel Lined)
  • Inventory On hand:  
    • Large inventory of SMLS tubing in grades J55 and L80 (60.3 mm – 114.3 mm)