Titanium Alloy Nanometer Coating Tubing (TANMT)

Product Overview

Titanium alloy nanometer coating, when added into coating as an active coupling and modification agent, bonds with the organic bonding agent with the help of special curing agent, and forms compact titanium alloy nanometer grids resistant to corrosion. With our perfect film-forming technique, the subsequent coating formed on steel tubing is smooth and flat, exhibiting excellent anti-corrosion and anti-scaling properties.

Product Characteristics:

  • Black in color
  • Strong adhesion, great flexibility
  • Small curing shrinkage, great heat-resistance
  • Long-term use without cracking in down-hole high humidity conditions
  • Great anticorrosion, self-cleaning and anti-scaling properties
  • Preventing abrasive wear


Suitable for:

  • Water injection wells

Not suitable for:

  • Gas wells
  • High-temperature wells (over 150℃)
  • Wells with gas-oil ratio over 80 m3/t
  • Sour oil/gas wells (having significant amount of H2S)
  • Gas lifting oil recovery
  • Heavy oil steam thermal recovery wells with “huff & puff”


Main Properties, Indexes and Technical Parameters of TANMT