Ti-Mo Anti-Corrosion and Anti-wear Coating Tubing (TMAAT)

Product Overview

Titanium molybdenum (Ti-Mo) powder coating is new, solvent-free powder coating developed under our intellectual property rights. Being pollution-free and poison-free, Ti-Mo powder coating is made of special resin with addition of superfine, wear-resistant material and latent curing curing agent, ground to powder form using advanced grinding technology. After spreading, fusion and solidification, the Ti-Mo powder coating forms a smooth, compact and continuous anticorrosion and anti-wear coating layer that effectively prevents abrasive wear, oxidative wear and fatigue wear.

Product Characteristics:

With a perfect combination of multiple properties, Ti-Mo powder coating meets the strict environment requirements of wellbores.

  • Black in color
  • Excellent anticorrosion
  • Long-term use without cracking in down-hole high humidity situations
  • Good oleophobic property effectively slowing the speed of paraffin precipitation deposition
  • Unique self-lubricating property that protects grinding pairs
  • Decreasing descending resistance, energy saving
  • Controllable coating thickness (about 800 to 1000 μm) for meeting drift diameter requirements
  • Tubing with damaged outer thread can be rethreaded or remodeled to pup joints


Suitable for:

  • Pumping wells & electrical submersible pump wells

Unsuitable for:

  • Gas wells
  • High-temperature wells (over 150℃)
  • Wells with oil-gas ratio over 80 m3/t
  • Sour oil/gas wells (having significant amount of H2S)
  • Heavy oil steam thermal recovery wells with “huff & puff”

Ti-Mo powder coating, when applied to damaged tubing (in accordance with Q/SH1020 1942-2008 standard), can isolate the corrosion product film and corrosive medium thereon, effectively preventing corrosive wear and fatigue wear from happening, and recovering damaged tubing as new with a three times repairing-free period.


Main Properties, Indexes and Technical Parameters of TMAAT