Vacuum Insulated Tubing (VIT) is tubing with excellent heat insulation performance. VIT features an enclosed welded double wall structure,Compromising a pre-stressed inner tube fitting into an outer tube. A multi-layer insulation liner structure reduces heat transfer and energy loss caused by convection and radiation. The getter installed in the annulus is to absorb all active gasses. The sealing ring and insulation liner inthe annular space between the inner and outer tubes reduces heat loss at the coupling. VIT is suitable for use in the operating conditions with the heat carrier temperature below 380℃, such as SAGD or CSS. VIT can reduce steam hear loss, maintain steam quality, decrease casing deformation, and protect cemented casing. VIT is manufactured in accordance with the SY/T 5324-2013 Vacuum Insulated Tubing standard. A varity of VIT tubes with different thermos-insulation performance grades are available to meet your needs of thermal recovery for heavy oil and super heavy oil well. Using VIT can save energy consumption and substantially shorten the steam cycle.


VIT Heat -  Insulating Property